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High-Quality Prints

The printing services provided by this company delivered high-quality prints that exceeded my expectations. The colors were vibrant, and the details were sharp. I highly recommend their services.

Emily Johnson, Graphic Designer


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Your Product’s Moment to Shine


 Custom pillow boxes that transform your vision into a stunning reality


Your Product Deserves the Spotlight

Forget generic boxes. Brighten up your brand and create a lasting impression with custom pillow boxes designed to make your product the star.

Your Brand Brought to Life

Every detail matters. Choose shapes, colors, and finishes that tell your unique story.  Do you want Textured paper that feels luxurious? Bold patterns that catch the eye?  Whatever your vision, we make it a reality.

Protection That’s Part of the Experience

We believe packaging should be both beautiful and functional.  Durable materials keep your product safe, ensuring a flawless arrival every time because we know that unboxing should feel special for your customers.

The Pillow Box, Reimagined

Eco-conscious options are sustainable packaging that reflects your values and the brand’s presentation. We help design at every step, from the concept of the finished box. Our team is always there to help you. We are surprisingly affordable and remain within your budget. You can say that custom packaging won’t break the bank. 

Ready to Transform Your Packaging?

Custom Pillow Boxes Built For Your Brand – And the Planet

We don’t just talk about sustainability, and we live it. Our eco-friendly pillow boxes are beautiful, strong, and made with responsibly sourced materials from carefully vetted suppliers.

The Perfect Box, Whatever Your Product

We have boxes for multiple industries, whether they belong to food or to beauty. 

  • Baked goods that stay fresh and look delicious
  • Cosmetics that wow customers with premium textures
  • Gifts that feel special the moment they’re received
  • Subscriptions that build excitement with each delivery

Solve More Than Shipping Problems

Need to meet specific packaging regulations for your industry? Our experts understand those complexities and guide you to solutions that work. From food safety to luxury branding, we have packaging answers.

your Challenges – our Solution 

Turn Packaging Worries into Packaging WINS

Are you tired of shipping damaged products into your profits? Do generic boxes leave your products fading into the background?  It’s time to rethink your approach! Custom boxes aren’t just a solution; they’re a way to transform your biggest packaging headaches into opportunities to boost your brand and impress customers.

Protect Your Products, Protect Your Bottom Line

Custom pillow boxes are built tough. Durable materials send a message of quality, not fragility, minimizing the chance of damage in transit. They’re designed to fit your product perfectly, cradling it for a safe journey. Plus, with eye-catching designs and finishes, the box itself becomes part of your marketing – turning the unboxing into a memorable experience for your customers.

Packaging That Builds Your Brand

Say goodbye to boring brown boxes and hello to packaging that pops!  Vibrant colors, luxurious textures, and beautifully displayed logos turn your custom pillow boxes into a custom canvas. Need eco-friendly options that reflect your commitment to sustainability? We’ve got you covered, helping you impress those customers who share your values.

“The Customization Myth” Angle: 

Busting the Custom Packaging Myth

Too many businesses think custom packaging equals a sky-high price tag, endless design hassles, and months of waiting for something they might not even love. We’re here to prove them wrong!  Custom boxes are your secret weapon to standing out, and they’re more accessible than you might think.

Premium Packaging Without the Premium Price

We believe custom shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for big corporations. Here’s how we keep it affordable:

Small-Batch Orders: Freedom to Experiment

Still, trying to decide whether to commit to thousands of boxes for a brand-new design?  We get it! That’s why we offer smaller order sizes. This lets you test out different looks of seasonal packaging or even jump into custom designs for the first time without a massive investment.

Custom Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Custom packaging should empower businesses, not drain their budgets. We’ve cut out unnecessary middlemen and keep our processes efficient to give you the best possible prices. This means you can create stunning packaging that enhances your brand without sacrificing your profit margin.

Designs Made Easy (Seriously)

We’re not into confusing design jargon or making you feel overwhelmed.  That’s why we offer:

Become Your Own Packaging Designer

Do you want to discuss your ideas on designs? No problem! Our design tools are built for everyone, from first-timers to seasoned pros. Forget clunky software or confusing tutorials. Upload your logo, play with colors, and build a box that’s as unique as your brand. If you are not sure how to use those tools, we have expert graphic designers in our house. Discuss your ideas with them, and they will come up with a solution. 

Your Packaging Partner

Have a bold vision but not sure how to execute it?  Our team is here to help make it happen – without the design snobbery. We’ll explain options clearly, offer creative solutions, and make sure your final box is exactly what you dreamed of.

No Surprises, Just Amazing Results

We want you to be 100% confident before placing your full order. That’s why we offer samples. Hold your custom pillow box in your hands, see the colors in real life, and know it’s perfect before you commit. It’s one more way we make the custom packaging process stress-free.

Why Pillow Boxes Are THE Smart Choice

One Box, Infinite Possibilities

Forget trying to squeeze your products into boxes that were designed for something else entirely. Pillow boxes are the packaging all-stars!  

Here’s why they work for so many businesses:

  • The Shape: Elegant and eye-catching, they elevate products from “every day” to “experience.”
  • Size Options: From dainty jewelry boxes to sturdy options for subscription goodies, there’s a pillow box for your needs.
  • Inserts Keep it Neat: Delicate pieces? Multiple items? Custom inserts keep everything organized and looking its best.
  • The Canvas: Textures, colors, your logo – customize the box to match the vibe of what’s inside, whether that’s luxurious, playful, or eco-conscious.

Turn Boring Boxes Desirous

Let’s face it: you have the standard square box, which is a snooze-fest. You want something new and desirous that reflects your brand as the product is. We have custom boxes. Our packaging solutions are different from the boxes already present on the market! Their softly curved shape instantly draws the eye and makes your product stand out on a crowded shelf or amongst a pile of products. 

It’s a Feeling, Not Just a Shape

Pillow boxes are catchy and luxurious. They hint at something rather unique within. It’s possible that customers are initially captivated by your goods without even realizing it due to the subtle power of their distinctive shape.

Consider it like this: Your product is the star, and the personalized pillow box is the spotlight that highlights its brilliance.

It’s Not Just a Box, It’s an Experience

When you open a pillow package, unwrapping the product becomes more enjoyable than useful. They encourage customers to take their time and enjoy the experience. Recall how it felt to open a present. Pillow boxes tap upon the same enthusiasm and expectation.

The Efficacy of Visual Presentation

Pillow boxes elevate the mundane by virtue of their one-of-a-kind shape, the several textures from which you can select, and even the way they feel in your hands. They give the customer the impression that they are treating themselves, even if the product contained therein is one that the customer uses on a regular basis.

This works for any and all brands.

Bath bombs that are luxurious? Indeed! Do you want boxes for machines that are useful for technology? Unquestionably! Whatever it is that you offer, the “unboxing moment” may be transformed into a potent instrument for generating excitement and fostering client loyalty through the use of custom pillow boxes.

Your Product’s First Impression Matters

In the booming world of direct-to-consumer sales, the mailbox is your storefront. You don’t get the benefit of dazzling in-store displays.  That’s where custom packaging makes all the difference!

When it comes to branding, shipping is not the only thing that matters.

It is possible to create a memorable unboxing experience with a bespoke pillow box, which will help you establish a relationship with your consumer from the time the pillow box comes. Your brand will stand out in a busy inbox thanks to the presence of these details: a distinctive style and a premium feel.

Your marketing is equal to the unboxing.

Unboxings are frequently shared on social media platforms, particularly when they involve subscription boxes, influencer kits, and online orders. Once your customer receives your customized box, it will become a part of their content, which will disseminate your brand far beyond the initial purchase.

Are You Prepared to View the Difference?

Put an end to selling your incredible products in packaging that does not do them justice. Discover the power of custom pillow packaging boxes that express the one-of-a-kind personality of your brand by requesting a free estimate right now.

Turn Eco Worries into Eco WINS

We know sustainability laws are a lot to juggle.  They’re complex, keep changing, and leave many businesses unsure of what to do next.  But here’s the good news: Custom packaging can make compliance easier AND impress your customers!

How? It’s All in the Materials

We offer a range of eco-friendly options, from recycled content to compostable materials. Not only do these choices help you meet those regulations, but they make your brand a hero to those customers who care about the planet.

The Smart Eco Choice

Custom pillow box is space-efficient. Their tailored fit means less waste from oversized boxes and unnecessary filler. That’s good for the environment and your shipping costs.

Design Power-Up! Our Creator Just Got a LOT More Exciting

We always looking for your suggestions. We have them all if you want more design freedom, more advanced options, and a smoother experience.  Consider it done! Here’s what’s new:

  • Custom Shapes: Die-cut design tools let you create boxes that are totally unique, not just customized templates.
  • See It Before It’s Real: Our 3D preview is even better, so you’re always certain your design will look amazing in person.
  • Design Now, Tweak Later: Got that “aha!” moment for a new box, but need product dimensions first? Now, you can start the design and finalize details when you’re ready to order.

This isn’t just for experts. We built this creator to level the playing field, giving you pro-level tools that are actually FUN to use, even if it’s your first time designing packaging. Ready to see what you can create? Create it now. 

Tie to Trends: 

Goodbye Boring, Hello Beautiful (and Sustainable!)

Remember when “eco-friendly” often meant bland? Forget that!  Today’s sustainable materials are full of style and possibility. Think gorgeous textures, natural vibes, and playful options that excite your customers for green choices.

Your Packaging, Your Brand, AND Your Values

We know it’s not just about ticking the sustainability box – your packaging needs to reflect your brand’s unique personality. That’s why, even on recycled or plantable materials, we help you achieve your pillow boxes look that’s totally yours with custom-printed colors and luxurious finishes.

Why Eco-Packaging Is a Brand Win

Let’s be real:  Customers increasingly vote with their wallets, seeking brands aligned with their values. Sustainable packaging makes you a favorite!  Plus, with all those gorgeous new materials, the unboxing experience becomes something truly special – perfect for social media buzz.

We’re Your Eco Packaging Sidekick

It’s not just about having the options; it’s about making smart choices for YOUR business.  We help you navigate the sustainable materials landscape, source the latest innovations, and create designs that showcase your commitment without sacrificing style.  Think of us as your shortcut to impactful, eco-friendly packaging.

It’s Not Just About Looks (But Your Box Will Look AMAZING)

Yes, we help you create custom pillow boxes wholesale that turn heads with colors, textures, and your logo beautifully displayed. But custom packaging is about so much more than that! Let’s talk about all the ways we make your life easier AND impress your customers:

Picture Perfect Protection

Delicate products?  Oddly shaped items? We’ll design custom inserts to cradle them safely during shipping. This means fewer damage claims and happier customers who receive their purchase in pristine condition.

Finishing Touches That Wow: Do you

Do you want a velvety, soft-touch finish?  Spot UV to make parts of your design pop? Embossing for a luxurious feel? These details elevate your box from “just packaging” to an extension of your brand’s unique experience.

Endless Styles for Any Need:

From minimalist kraft boxes to bright, playful options, we help you find the perfect vibe. Need a window to show off your product? A two-piece box for a truly premium feel?  We make it happen!

We’re Your “Get It Done” Packaging Partner.

From figuring out the ideal box dimensions to choosing the materials that will make your design sing, our team is here to guide you. Think of us as the packaging experts who make the whole process stress-free so you have more time to focus on creating your amazing products.

Get Your Boxes Fast

We know that when you’re ready to launch a new product or revamp your branding, you can’t afford to wait. Our streamlined production and shipping mean your custom pillow boxes will arrive in a flash. Say goodbye to frustrating delays, and hello to getting your products out there sooner!

Dream Box Not on the Shelf? We Build It From Scratch.

Sometimes, you have a packaging vision that goes beyond our standard options. Send us a brief outlining your needs, and we’ll make it happen. Think:

  • Unique Sizes & Shapes: Does your product demand a truly one-of-a-kind box?
  • Creative Functionality: Need a display feature built-in? A compartment system to organize multiple items?
  • Out-There Materials: Eyeing a specific texture or sustainable material we don’t list?

The Challenge We Love

We get that your products are unique, and your packaging should be, too! We’re not just order-takers; we’re collaborators. Bring us those tricky, weird, and absolutely amazing ideas, and let’s transform them into custom packaging that turns heads and solves problems.

Why Choose Us?

Solutions that are environmentally sustainable and in line with your values

We provide design assistance to bring your concept to life without using any jargon.

We know you can’t wait to launch, so we made sure to get things done quickly.

At prices that are competitive, custom packaging is an investment that is well worth making.


Ready to Upgrade? Here’s What We Do Differently


Custompillowboxes are of the opinion that everyone should have access to individualized packaging. This is the reason why we provide design assistance that is free of jargon, even if you are absolutely new to the process. Every industry, from the food industry to the fashion industry and everything in between, can benefit from our personalized solutions. Furthermore, we can create custom packaging at surprisingly inexpensive prices that allow you to improve your brand without breaking the bank.

Ready to Get Started? Tell us what you’ve got in mind. We will make the best fit for you. 

Frequently asked questions

Still Have Questions?

Custom pillow boxes give different types of packaging that have unique and different shapes. Our boxes can accommodate any kind of product that needs presentation. However, our style of packaging is highly used for gifts, favors, and small products. You can ask for custom boxes for food, gifts, jewelry, and the chocolate industry. They offer a touch of elegance, personalization, and unique shapes compared to plain, simple boxes. Besides that, our boxes make your brand stand out and add perceived value to your product.

Why Choose us

Custom Pillow Boxes Make You Confident On Such A Scale That You Can Protect Your Passion. Impress Your Customers.

Custom pillow boxes that turn heads and boost sales

We Use Only Premium Materials That Say "Quality” And Make Designs That Make Your Product The Star.

Pillow boxes are tailored to your product's needs.

We Use All The Colorful Graphics, Bold Finishes, And Eco-Options For Brands That Demand Attention.

Set aside generic Packaging and Get Boxes That Sell products.

We Make The Perfect-Fit Pillow Boxes That Turn Less Waste And Are Durable Enough For Shipping Beautifully.

Get a free custom design mockup today!